Transformational Healing With Laura Taylor
Our Journey Home, transformational healing with Laura Taylor, San Francisco California

Transformational Healing With Laura Taylor  .  San Francisco, California  .  415.494.5659



“Laura’s deep listening and powerful and compassionate presence have helped me move out of depression and anxiety into a joyful aliveness I didn’t know could exist for me. She gently but steadily guided me into stuck areas within myself, allowing me to release old programming and fears. Her unswerving knowingness that all that I needed was within my deepest self allowed me to find the love I had been craving and looking for in others my whole life. This direct experience of my own loving essence has uplifted me to a place of calmness and wonder. I am ever grateful for Laura’s life-changing work with me.”

~ E.H., San Francisco, CA

“Laura's ability to be fully present without expectations or judgment has been such a gift in my life. Her insight and guidance have blessed my journey through the darkest of times and into the Light that she so lovingly holds in each of our sessions. After years of feeling wounded by traditional psychotherapy, I always leave our time together feeling the peace and inner strength of who I truly am.”

~ B.D., Vallejo, CA

“Laura Taylor was a literal Godsend in my life. I had just embarked upon a new phase of my life and had many huge goals and expectations for myself - along with a few conscious and unconscious blocks to achieving any or all of them! Laura and I had an almost instant rapport. She understood me, did not judge me, helped keep me on track, helped me to be positive and was consistently kind, wise, intuitive, and throughout, an enormous ally. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Consider this a nudge from Spirit/your highest self. If you're reading this, it's probably a sign that you should call!”

~ C.G, Santa Fe, NM