Transformational Healing With Laura Taylor
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Transformational Healing Techniques

Interactive Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to help quiet the conscious mind and establish an inner focus. This allows access to the subconscious mind—the storehouse of every thought, feeling or event ever experienced and the reservoir of empowering inner resources. Here, deep within, healing and release can take place and positive transformations can begin. In this open and aware state, the Higher Self can communicate with us, aiding in understanding our life’s challenges, answering questions about life purpose and ultimately reuniting wounded parts of ourselves with the Love within our own Beings.


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Working with the energy meridians of the body, EFT provides freedom from negative or debilitating emotions and many health issues, including pain. Sadness, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, anger, weight control and cravings are among the many issues that resolve themselves with this amazing healing modality. This interactive technique involves tapping on specific energy meridians while focusing on the areas where change is desired. This clears the energetic underpinnings of a problem, which results in the problem’s resolution. The results are powerful, long lasting, measurable and often immediate.


Transformational Coaching

Laura's coaching encompasses the Mind-Body-Soul realm of the individual where she guides clients to experience their intrinsic wholeness and deep well-being. Teaching powerful tools and strategies for overcoming life's challenges, losses, and disappointments, she helps clients move forward to a life they love. Her work helps to turn the residue from painful experiences into fertile ground for the growth of an inner aliveness. Clients discover their own inner strength, clarity, and confidence which empower them to create a joy for living and a life of meaning. This culminates in the formation of life-long skills that sustain well-being and the actualization of the person they long to be.


Manifestation Guidance

We are powerful creative Beings who often have lost touch with our generative powers. Whether consciously or unconsciously, we are creating our lives, thought by thought and emotion by emotion. Wanting something more for ourselves than what we have is the first step in learning how to create it. Metaphysical principles are taught here, with specific guidance as to one’s own particular circumstances and desires. Beliefs and actions that keep us from receiving what we want are brought to light and consciously upgraded. We learn how to step into the realm of trust and allow the Universal Energy to bring us our heart’s desire.